The story of a visionary farm boy 
who rose to leadership
of the country's largest bank,
helped create the Federal Reserve System,
and fought for open access
to corporate and government information

Who is Frank Vanderlip?

     As a young farmboy, Frank Vanderlip watched the repossession of his family home at the age of 16, went to work at a factory lathe. and educated himself by constantly reading books and newspapers. With the help of powerful men who admired his diligence and innovative ideas, Frank became a newspaper editor, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and finally president of what is now Citibank, the largest bank in the country during his lifetime.

     Along the way, he founded one of the most beautiful planned developments in the country, changed the way America does its banking, and helped originate the Federal Reserve System. After spearheading the bond drives that funded two world wars, Frank saw first-hand the devastation they caused, and worked to find ways to re-invigorate the economy.

     Believing that corporations and government agencies should be open to public inspection, Frank fought a lifelong battle against corruption, a stand that cost him friends, wealth, and even the loss of his presidency.

His life is uniquely lived, and a story as universal as today's news.
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"The great danger to business and government alike lies in suppressing the facts."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Frank A. Vanderlip