"No matter how self-sufficient we may believe ourselves to be . . . we are inevitably part of what is coming to be a very small world, a world in which ideas travel with a freedom and rapidity that must force us to become internationalists in our views."

The Search Begins

          During the writing of "Frank A. Vanderlip - The Banker Who Changed America", I joked that my work was like the universe, expanding in all directions. It still is, as new information and new connections flow in from various sources. This is the first blog entry that will, hopefully, lead to discussions on the articles put up under the "Finding Frank Stories" tab.

     The topics will vary, and I hope there will be something of interest, whether it is from your own town or somewhere across the country, or on the founding of the Federal Reserve System. If there are corrections to be made, in the site or in the book, or if readers have new stories or information to add, I hope you will contribute to the blog or contact me through the Contact Us page.

     When I am giving a lecture on Frank and the Federal Rserve, I am sometimes asked questions for which I have no answer. Future articles on this site will look at Frank's reasoning during the formation process, and I will add my own thoughts on the subject, but I am Frank's biographer, not an expert on financial history or on the present day Fed.

     I hope readers will add their own comments, keeping them friendly and thoughtful even if they disagree with something they read here. My goal is an interesting and civilized sharing of thoughts and information that Frank wold have enjoyed joining.

      The book is, of course, for sale through this site or through Amazon. And I am happy to give talks on Frank to any interested groups. There is a wide variety of related topics from which to choose.

     My goal in this project is re-introducing people to an over-looked man who had a great impact on our world. After viewing this site or reading the book, I hope you enjoy meeting Frank!

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